General Science: Sac Sheet Data Plotter

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How to Use the Sac Sheet Shiny App:

A Shiny app allows you to visualize data by using R scripts without having to interact with the R script itself. This Shiny app will allow you to plot your box plot data in an easy-to-view format. If this is your first time utilizing this Shiny app, follow the step below to start visualising your data now!

Click here to download a compatible sample file to practice: Download sample.xlsx File

1. Make sure your data table is the correct file type. This shiny app only accepts Excel files (.xlsx or .xls).

2. Make sure your data table is in the correct format. This shiny app will only work if each column is formatted as different variables, and each row is a different observation, as displayed below.

3. Make sure the first row of your data table empty and the second row of your data table is the column names. Column names cannot have spaces.

After checking that your data table is formatted correctly, 4. Upload your file under the 'Inputs' tab.

5. Navigate to the 'Plot' tab and select the Group column. This is usually the column in your data table that signifies experimental groups. For example, in the downloadable example file, the 'Dose' column would be selected.

6. Select the variable column you want to plot. In the downloadable example file, any of the columns but 'ID' or 'Dose' would be selected.

7. Navigate to the 'Appearance' tab and the 'View Plot' tab and make your adjustments.

8. After the appearance has been sufficiently adjusted, navigate to the 'Download' tab and download the image.